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Our freshly made products.


Sandwich Loaves
Split Tin Loaves
Farmhouse Loaves
Tiger Bloomers
Rye Breads
Dark Sour Polish Rye Bread
Multi-Seed Cob Loaves
Plaitted Loaves
Spanish Rustic Flat Breads
Wholemeal Loaves
Malted Granary Loaves

Cakes, Buns and Pastries

Doughnuts Jam, Ring & Yum Yum
Apple, Peach & Apricot Danish
Cheslea Buns & Iced Sticky Buns
Fruit Scones & Rock Cakes
Bread Pudding Slices
Vanilla Cream Buns
Eccles Cakes & Banbury Cakes
&our Traditional LardyCakes


Traditional Pasties
Cheddar Cheese Pasties
Sausage Rolls
Cheddar Cheese Sticks


Contact Mark (The  Baker) if you would like us to regularly attend your farmer’s market, street market or food festival –07760228391 or

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